Pottstown Chapter of the Guardian Angels

Members are recruited from within this club and provide three functions to this community.

  1. PGA acts as a visual deterrent to crime
  2. PGA acts as the eyes and ears for the Pottstown Police Department
  3. PGA provides a positive role model for area youth.

Pottstown Guardian Angels take photographs, record license plates and support police with eyewitness accounts, and PGA testify in court if needed. Pottstown Guardian Angels enable neighborhoods to empower themselves against crime and drugs.
Visit the International Alliance of Guardian Angels.



The Pottstown Junior Guardian Angels is a Junior Leadership / Anti Bully program that has been very popular with the local population and the Pottstown School District. This program is offered free to the general population with the intent of empowering as many children as possible on how to deal with the bullying epidemic. Stomp the Bullying - Junior Guardian Angel Student Manual




Any questions call Rob 484 302 9950 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.